I am a fashion designer and entrepreneur eager to share my ideas for design and my vision for reshaping our global design processes.


"We solve problems through design..."

I am an internationally recognized fashion designer and apparel entrepreneur featured in Harpers Bazaar UK, Vogue UK, Vogue Italia, FASHION Magazine, Elle Magazine. I own, operate and oversee national and international product development operations, people management and retail operations. My specialties and background involve Apparel Design, seasonal collection building/execution, manufacturing/sourcing and client service/retail. 

We are active, working towards the mission to develop and expand Canada's progressive fashion industry to the world. We solve problems through design - creating and innovating conceptual start-up design houses. My first start-up concept is WORKHALL Studio, a Canadian Design House and retailer founded in 2014 growing rapidly annually at an average of 150%. Our mission is to connect and merge the design process with client experience. In 2017, I am collaborating with my husband and materials engineer to build  our second start-up brand, OKAKIE. OKAKIE is named after my grandmother and invested in a future of innovative manufacturing solutions.

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